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I lost my belief that my husband and I could always be there for each other, understand each other, be a source of comfort to each other in a time of fear and grief. I lost my faith that we could resolve any disagreement if only we talked order cheap jordans about it, if cheap jordan shoes for men only we didn’t go to bed angry, if only we tried.The months after 9/11 taught me, like others, a difficult lesson: Bad things did happen in the world, even when we think we’ve done everything to prevent them, and, even though I had this picture perfect nuclear family, there wouldn’t always be someone there who could kiss it and make it better. I think because of what we’ve been through separately, yet still together we’ve learned to accept our life, our family, cheap jordans retro our relationship for what it is: Far from perfect, forever scarred, difficult to examine too closely.My husband and I have picked up the pieces and moved forward.

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